Bitcoin Guatemala


Bitcoin Guatemala is the first of it's kind in Central America! With it we set out to create the first Central American Coin exchange, the first of it's kind for Latin America!

The system is fully automated and allows anyone in Guatemala to purchase, and subsequently receive Bitcoins to their personal wallets or Coinbase wallets. All integrated online with bank deposits and instant notifications!

We then went a step further and created the app to accompany the website in allowing mobile Bitcoin purchasing!

Last year was added and launched 3 more coins to the original Bitcoin only, allowing a total of 4 types of cryptocurrencies to be purchased using this online system and app.


This system was created entirely in PHP7, using our in-house back-office framework, along with PHP API to connect the app and other systems.

The app was developed using rapid deployment techniques for Phonegap, making it a super lightweight and fast app.

The database was structure in MySQL for ease of deployment.