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Paulding Ohio Website Maintenance

Paulding Ohio Website Maintenance

How often do you update your website?

It's a question not many business owners ask themselves on a regular basis. In all reality it's a much needed process that most companies should be doing monthly. Think of it as changing your oil on your vehicle, you wouldn't drive 1,000 miles past your change date would you? It's basically the same thing, websites need updating constantly depending on their mileage. The older the site the more probability that you are in many search results because of link backs.


Also the older your site the more chances you have hackers looking to deface it or bring it down. By maintaining your site and keeping it actively edited, upgraded and changed you are pro-actively "changing the oil" so to speak.

We think of how big the internet is, how many sites really exist, how fast technology changes. If you think about how fast technology changes what was recent yesterday will no longer be relevant tomorrow.

How is a site Maintained?

There are many different things that need done on a regular basis to maintain a site in proper working fashion. One of the biggest necessities is keeping the software and plugins you use on your site updated to their most recent versions.

This means periodically logging in and upgrading WordPress, or a plugin that you are using in your CMS system. If you're using another CMS system as well, upgrading monthly or whenever an upgrade is available is essential as it keeps your site secure from intrusion.

Another thing to keep in mind is every couple of years upgrading the site design, this keeps it fresh and working on all modern browser. If you think how fast technology changes two years between design upgrades/changes is a long time. During that time the commonly used browsers like Chrome, FireFox and Edge change features hundreds of times and hundreds of new tech is created for the web.

If we don't upgrade our designs to keep up our sites might actually stop working on some modern browsers all together!

These are just a few of the things needed on a monthly or weekly basis to keep your site running at it's best! If you need help doing this consider hiring Microtronix ESolutions to keep track of this and do all of these for you in the Paulding, Ohio and surrounding areas. We work tirelessly on countless sites to keep them up to date and running fast and efficiently!